A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Last week, one of Maine’s largest radical left wing groups decided to put the Informed Women’s Network on the map by infiltrating a private event where Governor Paul LePage was speaking, sending two young apparatchicks (misspelling intended) to make a secret recording of the meeting. Since then, their mouthpiece has been releasing snippets, largely out of context, to make Governor LePage look bad. Yesterday’s fragment concerned the Governor’s belief that government assistance doesn’t treat people with dignity, believe in their potential, their ability to care for themselves or make a contribution to society.

As all Americans can agree on, anyone who works hard and plays by the rules should be able to get ahead. Given his background, Governor LePage understands this more than most and believes that people will benefit from being given a hand up when they truly need it, successfully being able to leave public assistance and becoming productive members of society, not a hand out made as a permanent lifestyle choice.

Not everyone who is dependent on taxpayer dollars is able-bodied, and there are certainly those among us for whom we have a moral obligation to defend and provide. But all Mainers should be concerned, as is the Governor, that we have so many citizens on welfare compared to those who are employed. In fact, in the past 15 years, Maine’s poverty rate has remained constant, while our spending on welfare has nearly doubled. (www.mainepolicy.org/wp-content/uploads/Fix-the-System-2012.pdf)

We also have the dubious distinction of being ranked in the top 6 in food stamp, Medicaid and TANF participation. Yet left wing extremists are determined to keep us near the top of this shameful list as they vow to continue their wealth redistribution death spiral and feed government greed by increasing the number of Mainers who take tax dollars from the hard working Maine tax payer without addressing how we can give the recipients the dignity of work.

Our government has grown faster than our ability to pay for it. Governor LePage is working to balance the provision of essential services for those truly in need with ways to bring prosperity back to the state of Maine. This is what anyone who was in attendance at the Informed Women’s Network meeting and heard Governor LePage’s remarks, in context and in their entirety, would have actually heard.