Medicaid Expansion Means The Expansion Of Taxpayer Burden

As the Second Regular Session of the 126th Legislature began at the State House, Maine’s largest extremist left wing organization turned out in force to demand the costly expansion of medical … [Read more...]

The Other Pilgrim’s Tale

The Other Pilgrim’s Tale This week's column in the Bangor Daily News: As we sit down this week and give thanks for the many blessing of this life, we should also take time to reflect on a … [Read more...]

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Last week, one of Maine's largest radical left wing groups decided to put the Informed Women's Network on the map by infiltrating a private event where Governor Paul LePage was speaking, sending two … [Read more...]

Prisoners, Paychecks And Self-Respect

My thanks to the gracious and very entertaining Jim Bohannon for a fun interview! We talked about personal responsibility, a subject near and dear to my heart, and something we see sorely lacking in … [Read more...]

Opportunity, Assimilation And A Lesson From Sweden

As the immigration debate rages on, we need to make sure we agree on the importance of assimilation. While some immigrants will fully embrace their new country with unbridled enthusiasm, others will … [Read more...]