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Your voice counts and your elected officials need to hear from you! Whether you use email, snail mail or the telephone, let them know where you stand on issues. They do listen and you can make a difference!

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Alabama  – House, Senate 

AlaskaHouse, Senate 

Arizona – House, Senate

Arkansas – House, Senate 

CaliforniaAssembly, Senate 

Colorado – House, Senate

Connecticut House, Senate 


Florida – House, Senate 

Georgia – House, Senate 

Hawaii  – House, Senate

Idaho – House, Senate

Illinois –   House, Senate

Indiana –  House, Senate

Iowa – House, Senate

Kansas – House, Senate

Kentucky – House, Senate

Louisiana  – House, Senate 

Maine – House, Senate

MarylandHouse, Senate

MassachusettsHouse, Senate

MichiganHouse, Senate

MinnesotaHouse, Senate

MississippiHouse, Senate

Missouri House, Senate

MontanaHouse, Senate

Nebraska Senate

NevadaAssembly, Senate

New HampshireHouse, Senate

New Jersey Assembly, Senate

New MexicoHouse, Senate

New YorkAssembly, Senate

North CarolinaHouse, Senate

North DakotaHouse, Senate

OhioHouse, Senate

OklahomaHouse, Senate

OregonHouse, Senate

PennsylvaniaHouse, Senate

Rhode IslandHouse, Senate

South CarolinaHouse, Senate 

South DakotaHouse, Senate

TennesseeHouse, Senate

TexasHouse, Senate

UtahHouse, Senate

VermontHouse, Senate

VirginiaHouse, Senate

WashingtonHouse, Senate

West Virginia – House, Senate

WisconsinHouse, Senate

WyomingHouse, Senate


Your local town/city officials and school board members can be found on your town/city websites.