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If you think a comparison of spending habits between the government and a drunken sailor on shore leave is insulting to the sailor, the Informed Women’s Network may be just the place for you!

The Informed Women’s Network is a grass roots organization made up of small groups of women who have one thing in common: fiscal responsibility. Our families consist of hardworking taxpayers who want our politicians to get real about what we can afford and how we’re going to pay for it.

Our members meet to discuss issues of importance to them, to share concerns, talk about the latest local, state and national political happenings and how it will impact them and their families. We offer a “safe haven” where women can freely speak about things of interest to them in a setting where they can feel confident in expressing  their views and finding connection with like-minded souls. Our focus is on issues that are of critical importance to our families: The economy and taxation, education, health care, energy costs and constitutional government. We provide educational and informative seminars and such tools as The Brief, a synopsis for busy women of what you need to know about a topic along with talking points.

Although we talk about serious issues, we do it in a way that is fun and relevant, because we found that many of the meetings we attended were stodgy or stultifyingly boring. We want to be engaged, not put to sleep! When was the last political meeting you attended that served Libertinis?!

We also have a group just for under-40s called Achieve, which speaks to the issues unique to younger women who are getting established. After all, it is they whose future is being mortgaged by our irresponsible, tax-and-spend politicians.

We are high-information voters and think that the more knowledge we have, the more confident we are in finding and using our voices. And as a networking organization we thrive on making connections, so members are heartily encouraged to bring along other women with the same interests and concerns to our meetings.

Every family in America is affected by irresponsible government fiscal decisions, so we welcome all fiscally conservative women, focusing on our common ground of ensuring a healthy and secure economy which will lead to jobs and economic stability in our families and protect our children’s future well-being.

No chapter in your area and you’d like to start one? We give you everything you need to get going. Email us at membership [@] and let’s make it happen!

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