Health Care Solution Needed a Woman’s Touch


Imagine if a husband packs his wife’s suitcase for a long trip. He could manage the basic outerwear and get a few shoes right, but her personal items would be a complete blunder of male subconscious. Face it. Women are complicated, a fact that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell completely ignored when he appointed 13 men to write a health care bill. Soon after, he kicked out the whole squad, and behind closed doors, wrote yet another unacceptable play pass.

Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, who voted against the latest health care bill, served on the Senate committee that handles health care. This is a pretty strong indication that these women were very competent and knowledgeable and should have been selected for the committee that was writing the new health care bill. And if they weren’t allowed on the team, these female senators who swore to represent their voters, should have pushed open those doors and barged their way in. For the sake of 51% of the US population, Senators Collins and Murkowski should have made a much better attempt at getting their voices heard.

It’s never easy in a male-dominated environment for a women to be heard, and the odds are definitely stacked against women in the Senate. Out of 52 Republican Senators, only five are women. The 47 Democrats have 16 women. Why do women only make up 10% of Republican Senators and 35% of Democratic Senators? I see a few possibilities:

  1. There are fewer Republican women in the US.
  2. There are fewer Republican women who would want to bother running for Office.
  3. It is harder for a female Republican Senator to get elected than it is for a male Republican Senator.

Backing up these possibilities:

  1. Yes, there are fewer Republican women in the US. We can thank the biased media and our warped Hollywood misfits who have blinded and lobotomized feminists into forgetting the sexual rampages of former Democratic Presidents, and then scream “Trump was a crotch grabbing sexist” with the only proof being a hot mike in a testosterone-permeated locker room.
  2. To prepare for campaigning, Republican Women have to listen to conservative talk radio shows, which except for my darling Laura Ingram’s show, make me feel like I’ve just entered a cigar store. I did that once, unerringly when I saw a coffee sign and just walked in like it was just another breakfast joint. Seven men at once looked up from their papers and coffee through the delicious aroma of cigar smoke making me feel decidedly awkward. We all knew at once that I didn’t know where I was.
  3. Unless you have lots of money and can hire people to do your domestic duties, it’s harder for a woman to enter politics if she still has to manage a household and children. Jacqueline Onassis said, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”

Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski did not like the “skinny repeal bill” because it did not control insurance costs for maternal care, would bar Medicaid reimbursements for any services provided by Planned Parenthood, and ended the requirement that health care plans cover contraceptives.

The latter has me jumping up in terror because the last person in the world that I’d want to pack my suitcase for me is someone who doesn’t support birth control. That’s NOT the kind of souvenir any women wants.

Senators of America: Don’t give up on fixing this problem and don’t let the media repeat what President Trump declared in a moment of frustration to let Obamacare fail. We can’t let healthcare wobble about and fall face-down on the sidewalk of humanity. Put out an arm and find a solution from both sides of the gender and legislative aisles.

Cathy Nichols, Executive Director of the Informed Women’s Network