Panicking Nancy Pelosi

Well, there she goes again. But this time former Speaker Nancy “We have to pass the bill before we know what’s in it” Pelosi may be starting to feel a bit desperate about ObamaCare.

The Weekly Standard brings us an email that the House Minority Leader sent to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:

Friends –

This Republican circus has gotten out of control:

Led by Michele Bachmann, tonight Republicans will vote to repeal ObamaCare for the 37th time.

We want to reach one million people standing behind ObamaCare to show that Bachmann and House Republicans have lost the faith of the American people. …

The vote gets even more worthless when you consider that a real repeal would actually COST money rather than save it.

This is all just a petty ideological game and I know you are as tired of it as I am.

Let’s show House Republicans that their antics will get them nowhere.

Thanks for your support


Hmm, is she now saying that repealing ObamaCare would actually cost more than her pet healthcare system? The same system for which HHS Secretary Janet Sebelius is now trying to extort money from corporations?

That the IRS, which will be greatly expanded under ObamaCare, has been caught with its hand in the proverbial political cookie jar as it spies on conservative groups provides new concerns for Ms. Pelosi. Efforts to repeal this travesty of a bill may now pick up steam in both the House and the Senate as the reality of the use of the IRS as a weapon to silence political opponents sinks in.