Additional Resources



American Doctors 4 Truth

American Doctors 4 Truth believes that the doctors who actually care for America’s patients have valuable insight and wisdom to share. Their mission is to inform the average American citizen about the hazards of the new health care law and to lead the way with reform.

Americans for Tax Reform

Americans for Tax Reform advocates a system in which taxes are simpler, flatter, more visible, and  lower than they are today.  They believe that’s government’s power to control one’s life derives from its power to tax, and that power should be minimized.


American Institute of CPAs

The Congressional and Political Affairs team of the AICPA monitors and advocates on legislative matters, develops Congressional testimony and works with regulatory agencies to help promote sound policymaking.

Downsizing The Federal Government

Downsizing the Federal Government is a project of the Cato Institute. Scholars at Cato believe that cutting the federal budget would enhance personal freedom, increase growth and prosperity, and leave a positive fiscal legacy to the next generation.

Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute

The Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute mentors and trains women for effective leadership on their campuses, at their workplaces, and in their communities and homes.  Their goal is to engage, inform, and connect conservatives across the country, with a special focus on young women who will lead and shape the future of our nation.


Three Moms Against Common Core

Common Core: Education Without Representation lays out the facts on Common Core.

Foundation For Economic Freedom

FEE’s mission is to inspire, educate and connect future leaders with the  economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society. FEE is not an academic or  political organization; instead their focus is making the economic, ethical and  legal principles of a free society widely accessible, easily understood and  energizing to young minds. They do this by delivering content that is substantive  and thoughtful in forms most convenient to their customers, including in-person  seminars and lectures, web-delivered content, printed material in book and  magazine form, and networking opportunities.

Independent Women’s Forum

The Independent Women’s Forum is on a mission to expand the conservative coalition, both by increasing the number of women who understand and value the benefits of limited government, personal liberty, and free markets, and by countering those who seek to ever-expand government in the name of protecting women. A non-partisan research and educational institution, they seek earned media, providing easy-to-read, timely publications and commentary and reach out to the public seeking to cultivate support for these important principles. They encourage women to join them in working to return the country to limited, Constitutional government.

The Institute For Economic Empowerment Of Women

The IEEW empowers women business owners – socially, economically, and politically. It is widely acknowledged that economically stable societies have a much greater capacity for peace.  Small business has always been the backbone of economic stability, and the Institute believes that diversity is the key to the development and stability of business in emerging economies. They work both within the US and internationally.

No Common Core maine

No Common Core Maine

No Common Core Maine (NCCM) is a non-partisan network of concerned parents, teachers, and other taxpayers and organizations in Maine. Although they may have differing views on educational issues they are in agreement that decisions regarding education in the State of Maine need to be kept at the state and local level.


Constituent communications are flooding and overwhelming Congressional offices. POPVOX verifies, aggregates, and simplifies communication with Congress on an open and trusted (and nonpartisan) common ground.  Advocacy organizations, trade associations, unions and other groups send their members to POPVOX to take action on bills pending before Congress. Congressional staff and lawmakers log into POPVOX to measure the pulse of their district. POPVOX provides a curating interface for anyone — including Congressional staff, the public and the media — to access and understand the voice of the people.

The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council

The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) is an advocacy, research, training and networking organization dedicated to protecting small business and promoting entrepreneurship. They work to educate elected officials, policymakers, business leaders and the public about key policies that enable business start-up and growth. Through advocacy, research, media outreach, training and education, SBE Council members and staff convey the importance of entrepreneurship to job creation, innovation, economic growth and U.S. competitiveness.

Smart Girl Politics

Smart Girl Politics Action is a non-profit organization focused on bringing fiscally independent women into the political process. They are a grassroots community of women activists who believe in the free market, personal responsibility, and limited government.

State Policy Network


The State Policy Network is made up of free market think tanks – at least one in every state – fighting to limit government and advance market-friendly public policy at the state and local levels. SPN and its members make the Founders’ vision for the American Republic a reality as the nation’s only 50-state distribution network for market-oriented public policy ideas. SPN programs advance and defend American liberty and free enterprise by assisting new start-up organizations, growing existing state think tanks, recruiting talent to the think tank industry, developing strategic partnerships, and promoting the free-market state movement.


The Concord Coalition

The Concord Coalition is a nationwide, non-partisan, grassroots organization advocating generationally responsible fiscal policy, dedicated to educating the public about the causes and consequences of federal budget deficits, the long-term challenges facing America’s unsustainable entitlement programs, and how to build a sound economy for future generations.

The Libre Initiative

LIBRE’s mission is to increase economic freedom and prosperity by promoting free enterprise, responsibility and a more constitutionally limited government.


The Report Card believes that since our public schools educate 90% of our young people, they must again provide superior education, and an appreciation for Constitutional government.

Voices of Conservative Women

VOICES of Conservative Women was formed to help train and support the next generation of women leaders and/or candidates at all levels of government who support fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles. VOICES works to educate the general public on key issues and on the need to elect leaders who support those ideals.

Young Conservatives For Energy Reform

The goal of Young Conservatives for Energy Reform is to bring together young professional leaders from across the country in grass roots efforts to influence energy reform. They are building and strengthening regional and state coalitions through targeted meetings, press releases, and local media outreach efforts.  Their main focus is on ensuring national security and economy growth through home grown energy and “clean technology” jobs.