Standing Your Ground

Over the last couple of months, I have been seeing an amazing, wonderful and incredibly exciting thing happen.

Women are finding their voice and standing tall against those who are bullying them for their beliefs!

One school board member wrote to tell me she was being bullied by her school superintendent, who was railing at a public meeting against their tight budgets and blaming state funding cuts (in a highly taxed state that is close to broke) on their fiscally conservative governor. He challenged anyone who had voted for the governor, and therefore in his mind against a huge bump in school budgets, to stand up and be shamed. She wrote, “I don’t know what came over me, but I couldn’t take this one more second. I proudly stood up in defiance of his misguided tirade. The room went silent and the superintendent didn’t know quite what to do.”

Another woman wrote that she is sick about what’s happening to her country and is finally “coming out of the conservative closet.”

We are starting to see women showing up at meetings and rallies which glorify tax increases and entitlements and the organizers wonder what to make of them, never having faced opposition before. (When you go, identify yourself as part of the Informed Women’s Network. We show up with our signature orange signs, branded name tags and cards to hand out – contact us if you want more info!)

Being bullied for our beliefs is a tactic used to silence our First Amendment right to free speech, and the fastest way to a one party system.

Kudos to women everywhere who are standing up for what they believe in!