What We’re All About

This isn’t politics as usual. This is politics unusual.

We are committed to innovating the way women and politics intersect, nurturing and encouraging like-minded women in lively, energetic gatherings where we can express our views in a supportive environment and then translate our ideas into practical solutions that produce results – while making things fun, relevant and interesting!

The mission of the Informed Women’s Network is to engage, educate and empower all fiscally responsible and concerned women to participate and make an impact in the process of public policy making on a local, state and national level for present and future generations. We focus on those fiscal, education and energy issues of concern to all Americans.

As busy women, we don’t have a lot of time to digest all the facts and figures that always seem to be thrown at us and understand that what really matters is how policies are going to affect us and our families, so we provide tools that give you what you need to know and are respectful of your time.

As hardworking taxpayers, we affirm our common commitment to limited government, fiscal and personal responsibility, free markets and truthful and civil discourse from our local, state and federal government officials, holding them accountable for spending our hard earned money efficiently and effectively while cutting and controlling future spending. We commit to communicating with and educating others through our relationships, networks and circles of influence to keep America free from fiscal tyranny while creating a healthy and secure economy.

What we believe:

● We believe that all families are under financial assault. We believe we should be able to keep more of what we have earned. We do not believe it is right that as hardworking taxpayers we have to work until July for the government and only keep for our families what is earned from then through December.

● We believe in a simplified and sensible tax code which doesn’t start, “How much are you making? Send it in.”

● We believe that printing more money and spending above our revenue/income is not a rational approach long-term to fiscal health.

● We believe in replacing failed anti-poverty policies that encourage people not to work with job creation policies.

● We believe in American exceptionalism, that every American can get ahead if they work hard and play by the rules, that we must be the opportunity society.

● We believe in a healthcare system that doesn’t bankrupt the organizations for which we work and which enables people to have the longest, healthiest life at the lowest cost.

● We believe in an education policy which is under local control, in which children aspire to achieve at the highest levels, not be brought down to the lowest common denominator, where families are given a choice of schools which best fit their child’s need, where the dollars follow the child instead of the child following the dollars.

● We believe in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid reform so it will be available in the future for families and the elderly who need truly it.

● We believe in availability of dependable, affordable energy for all consumers achieved through a clearly defined national energy policy, infrastructure improvements, streamlined federal permitting, energy efficiency programs, expanded access to oil and natural gas reserves to make us energy independent and investment in energy alternatives that really have proven potential (in other words, “break wind”).

● We support those who commit to uphold traditional family values, who recognize the value of women who work both inside and outside the home and who understand the detrimental effect that irresponsible spending choices have on families, the future of our children and their right to reach their God-given potential.

● We believe that every woman has the power within to improve her life and that of others, and that we must, through our voices and our votes, ensure a healthy economic future for all individuals, families and the future families of our children.

● We believe that politicians must be held accountable for waste and scandal, and for bringing back the dignity of public office. We believe that all politicians must live by the law of the land and play by the same rules and regulations they make for the rest of us, not exempting themselves or granting themselves privileges unavailable to all other American citizens.

● We acknowledge and respect our various views on social issues, understanding that we find common ground in financial responsibility and sound fiscal policy.