Wow, Thanks For The PR!

MPA Spy Girl 1 10.14.13MPA Spy Girl2 10.14.13

Wow, exciting news – we want to announce that the Maine People’s Alliance considers the Greater Portland chapter of the Informed Women’s Network important enough to infiltrate. That’s right, a private event at which Governor Paul LePage spoke on Monday night was crashed by the two young apparatchicks (misspelling intended), above, one of  whom smirked as she snuck her way out, “Yeah, I had to applaud every now and then so they wouldn’t catch on.”

The hapless little girls dutifully turned over their recordings to MPA operative Mike Tipping, who has been unsuccessfully trying to twist what was said, but we actually want to thank Mr. Tipping for bringing attention to the IWN from all over the state.

You know, it’s pretty pathetic when people who have absolutely nothing – no facts, no data, no nothing – to back up their views resort to bullying, accusation of an “ism” (eg. racism, sexism, homophobism, etc.) or invasion of privacy, hoping and praying to bully and/or trip up their target. But when your ideas are bankrupt (and when your ideas will bankrupt the state and the nation), I guess you become so desperate that you’ll stoop to just about any low.

The Spy Kid was on the George Hale Rick Tyler radio show yesterday. Here is my conversation with them this morning.